50  Teams
20  Countries
20  Harbors
20  Festivals
1     Race
1     Planet

The CupRoyale is a new league. It is a powerboat race all the way around the planet.Only one team is allowed per country.Stopping in 20 countries as men, women and machines race all the way around the globe in an epic battle.
At each stop, the boats that just raced across the ocean will race each other in front of huge crowds and TV audiences. Just like NASCAR and Formula One, we expect to build an immense fan following, along with an amazing opportunity.

The shipping industry burns almost 100 billion gallons of oil each year and the technology hasn't changed much in 70 years

When boats have to race more than about 200 miles it becomes all about hydrodynamic engineering and efficiency. Most racing boats run out of fuel after about 200 miles.

The CupRoyale consists of many legs of over 2,000 miles each. It is a race — for the love of racing — AND it is a race for the love of our planet.

Manufacturers, engineers, and universities all over the world will be competing to develop the most fuel efficient ships, engines and technologies.

Consider this Amazing Opportunity

Racing all the way around the world is for the love of the ultimate challenge and the love for racing.  On the business side, examine the success of the Formula One league traded on the NASDAQ or the success of the NASCAR league, privately held with a valuation far in excess of several billion dollars.

Contact CupRoyale for more information: 
(352) 346-2365.

Team USA Race Boat
Team USA CupRoyale race boat is a 68 foot, long distance racing catamaran built by Savov Boats and DBG Marine.  It is about half built at this time. The construction is temporarily on hold pending additional funding.  

8424 Arcola Avenue
Hudson, FL 34667
United States 

Phone: (352) 346-2365 

Email: info@cuproyale.com

Race Around the World
Each year, 50 teams will start in the most grueling and insane race known to man. Many won't finish, but a handful will actually make it as they compete to be the winner of the CupRoyale, and at the same time will forward engine and fuel performance technology for the planet.
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